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VSAT Tariff Document

QSAT Service General Tariff Information

Service Provider Name QSAT Communications WLL
License: VSAT Networks and Services
Tariff Number QSAT/TR/2018/002
Service Name VSAT
Tariff Type Business
Tariff Effective Date October 30, 2018
Tariff Version Number 2
Country of Performance: Qatar

1. Definitions and Acronyms

CIR = Committed Information Rate

CRA = Communications Regulatory Authority of Qatar

CUG = Closed User Group, as defined in the VSAT License

Customer = Business CUG end user of the service.

Duplex Link = Two way link allowing information to travel from hub to remote and vice versa.

FEC = Forward Error Correction

Hub = the central or primary node of the VSAT network.

Kbps = bit rate in kilobits per second

Mbps = bit rate in megabits per second

MHz = Mega Hertz

SCPC = Single Channel Per Carrier

SLA = Service Level Agreement

TDMA = Time Division Multiple Access

Uplink = Carrier transmitted from a ground station towards the satellite.

VSAT License = the individual license for the provision of VSAT services granted to QSAT Communications WLL. on 22 March 2012.

VSAT = Very Small Aperture Terminal

GUI = Graphical User Interface

NMS = Network Management Station

2. Tariff Terms and Conditions

This Tariff contains charges and conditions applicable to the provision of VSAT services.

This Tariff will be effective as of the date established in this Tariff and will automatically cease being effective if QSAT Communications publishes a new tariff for this service or publishes notification on its webpage that this Tariff is no longer effective.

From time to time QSAT Communications may publish promotions and readjustments on its webpage or by other means. Such promotions and readjustments will suspend or modify this Tariff as specified by QSAT Communications as of the date QSAT publishes such promotions or readjustments.

These terms are in addition to the QSAT Communication’s Standard Terms and Conditions appropriate to the service offered, which should be read in conjunction with this document and which form an integral part of this Tariff.

All VSAT service terms and conditions shall be subject to the contract executed between QSAT Communications and its Customer. The contract will include (and be subject to) QSAT Communication’s Standard Terms and Conditions.

3. Service Description

VSAT is a wireless, (geostationary) satellite based two way networking solution which can provide network connections between remote locations and a central hub. Establishing a VSAT network between two or more locations enables a wide area network connection allowing the transmission of voice, data and video between those locations potentially over a large geography or where no alternative communications method exists (e.g., remote areas).

QSAT Communications provides VSAT services via two separate technical configurations: (1) Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) (Shared Service); and (2) Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) (Dedicated Service).

3.1 TDMA VSAT (Shared Service)

Using TDMA VSAT allows customers to manage flexible and scalable connections between remote sites. Applications or users share the same satellite frequency by dividing the full bandwidth into specific timeslots. The users transmit in rapid succession, one after the other, each using their own time slot. This allows multiple stations to share the same transmission medium (e.g. radio frequency channel) while using only the part of the total bandwidth they require.

Many technology providers have incorporated TDMA into their systems (e.g. iDirect Infiniti/Evolution Modem/Router).

The topology below depicts a typical multi-site VSAT wide area network. Remote VSAT (Sites 1 to 4) communicate with a central TDMA hub (via the hub Antenna).

TDMA VSAT service may include installation and configuration of equipment to transmit and receive data over satellite. The service does not include Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) needed to terminate the signals – these can be purchased or leased separately.

3.2 SCPC VSAT (Dedicated Service)

The SCPC VSAT service uses frequencies on a single channel that are dedicated to the customer. Various throughput speeds are available, however SCPC services will most likely be deployed as a point to point solution (remote site to dedicated terminal at client HQ) as opposed to the point to multi point topology best suited to the TDMA VSAT service.

SCPC VSAT service provides remote sites with the speed and dedicated bandwidth necessary for high capacity requirements and near real-time applications. With dedicated SCPC, the bandwidth is always available, as space segment is reserved independently for each site on both the inbound and outbound links; bandwidth is not shared among other sites.

Engineering for SCPC solutions will be bespoke to Customer requirements and optimum antennae sizes and modulation schemes will be selected. Capacity is priced as synchronous duplex links, based on dedicated synchronous capacity (same bit rate) in each direction etc. 8PSK (FEC7/8) is the standard modulation scheme operated by QSAT Communications for its SCPC services.

Where, for engineering or compliance reasons, QSAT Communications is required to implement a modulation scheme other than 8PSK (FEC7/8) price may vary, but will be consistent with equivalent /MHz value.

The SCPC VSAT Service may include installation and configuration of equipment to transmit and receive data over satellite. The service does not include Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), known as an SCPC compatible modem, needed to terminate the signals – these can be purchased or leased separately.

4. Features and Charge Rates

4.1 QSAT service pricing in Qatar for shared & dedicated data rates are as follows:

Shared Service (TDMA)
 512 Kbps UP / 512 Kbps down  5100 QAR /month
 512 Kbps UP / 1 Mbps down  6800 QAR / Month
 1 Mbps UP / 1 Mbps down  8400 QAR / Month
 512 Kbps UP / 2 Mbps down  11500 QAR / Month

Shared services are with a contention ratio of 1:10

Dedicated Service (SCPC)

 256 Kbps  6000 QAR / Month
 512 Kbps  10500 QAR / Month
 1024 Kbps  19400 QAR / Month
 1.5 Mbps  28500 QAR / Month
 2 Mbps  35 500 QAR /Month
QSAT Communications will provide (included in the Monthly Rate):
  • Guaranteed throughput or Committed Information Rate (CIR) as selected;
  • 24/7 NOC assistance;
  • Spectrum management services; and
  • Onsite technical support charges for the fault trouble shooting.
The hardware and one time installation charges are not included in the monthly rate and will depend on:
  • the data rate chosen;
  • the VSAT site location; and
  • the site specific requirements which can be assessed through a site survey.

A Security deposit amounting to one month service charge and one month equipment rental charges is required from the Customer prior to the commencement of the service.

Termination Fee will be the outstanding Service Fees (equivalent of up to a maximum of 3 months of Service Fees) payable if the Customer cancels the Service at any time within the first 3 months of the Service Term following the commencement of the Service. For example, if the Customer has paid the first month’s Service Fee but cancels in the second month of the Service Term the Termination Fee payable is equal to the second and third months’ Service


Commencement of Service: The service shall commence from the service connection date, being the date upon which the services became activated for the Customer.

Service Boundary: QSAT Communications is responsible for service up to the point of interface between the Customer managed equipment and the QSAT Communications managed equipment and shall not be responsible for any quality of service, continuity of service or other matters impacted by Customer cabling, equipment or other facilities on the Customer side of the point of interface. The point of service interface on the network side will be the satellite footprint.

6. Customer Obligations

Equipment: The Customer shall comply with any reasonable request by QSAT Communications concerning the configuration of their devices and / or the use of the service.

Permissions and Safety: The Customer shall be responsible for the necessary permissions (from landlord(s), etc.) for the positioning of remote terminals and other equipment, and further be responsible for the safety of persons with access to the immediate area of installation.

Contract and Policies: The Customer must adhere to the conditions of the Contract and attached policies.

Assignment or Resale: The Customer undertakes to use the service for its own (Business CUG) use and shall not transfer, assign or resell to a third party.

Unlicensed Service: The Customer may not use the service to provide any form of telecommunications services that require a license from the CRA.

7. Equipment and Technical Interfaces

See Service Description for information about equipment.

TDMA VSAT Technical Interfaces: The output of the Customer Premise Equipment is Ethernet. This is referred to as an Ethernet interface.

SCPC VSAT Technical Interfaces: The output of the Customer Premise Equipment is either Ethernet or Serial. This is referred to as an Ethernet (or Serial) interface.

8. Service Level Agreement

Standard SLAs in QSAT Standard Terms and Conditions. A copy of the QSAT Service level agreement attached in Terms and Conditions document.

TDMA VSAT Specific: The configuration includes the following basic SLAs:

  • Latency performance <800m/s
  • Time to respond to network issues <4 hours

SCPC VSAT Specific: The configuration includes the following basic SLAs:

  • A minimum Bit Error Rate performance of 10-8
  • Latency performance <800m/s
  • Time to respond to network issues <4 hours

9. Tariff Modification Table

Tariff Modification Version Number Effective Date Description of Change
QSAT/TR/2018/002 30 October 2018 Updated October 2018 Tariff (Replaces earlier tariff)