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Bringing first-class connectivity to the seas
Maritime, Oil & Gas
Saipem is an engineering company which is a global leader in drilling and construction of major projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Saipem is a lead contractor in many projects Offshore and Onshore as well as E&C and Drilling.
QSat was commissioned by Orange Business Services, a global communications firm to carry out the installation and maintenance services of maritime antennas on various major fleet vessels of Saipem. This included the hardware, preventive site visitation and a dedicated support team to ensure business continuity and optimal connectivity services.
"Extensive technical knowledge and experience in a wide array of VSat technology."
The Challenge
The project required extensive technical knowledge and experience in a wide array of VSat technology. Additionally, QSat was required to be fully up-to-speed with the latest technical know-how and current market standards in order to provide periodic upgrades, first-class maintenance and onsite support.
The Solution & Impact
QSat equipped the client with the latest vsat products whilst the engineering and networking teams worked around the clock to ensure a smooth installation process on the sailing vessels and oil rigs. The products included stabilizers and motorized Antennas to ensure a long and future proofed lifespan.
The Benefits
Our solution for maritime connectivity used high-speed VSAT terminals and state of the art antennas to allow fora high speed connection for both passengers and the crew. Utilising the latest HTS and wide-beam satellites allowed for automatic and transparent beam switching which ensured a seamless experience for everyone on-board. The VSATS we used were adept at providing great efficiencies throughout spectrums and thus easily integrated with their existing setups.

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