Qsat Awarded VSAT License in Iraq

Qsat Awarded VSAT License in Iraq

QSAT Communications, a leading provider of highly reliable, fully managed, remote communication and IT solutions, proudly announces that it has been granted a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) license to operate in Iraq through its locally-licensed entity. This achievement marks the successful completion of a new systems integration project, where QSAT Communications will provide managed network services for an international oilfield services group operating in the country.

The VSAT license requirement was introduced in January 2017 for service providers operating in Iraq, replacing the previous yearly telecommunications license needed to operate communication networks in the country. QSAT Communications’ local entity has not only renewed its general telecommunications license but has also secured the VSAT-specific license. This significant development allows the company to continue its support for customers in the region, providing satellite connectivity and a wide range of telecommunications and technology services.

VSAT License in Iraq

Amjed Al Jaffery, Chairman at QSAT Communications, expressed, “Obtaining the VSAT license in Iraq is a significant milestone for us, ensuring that we can maintain reliable communications for our international clients conducting business in Iraq. The customer we are assisting with this systems integration project is relatively new to operating in the country and was seeking an experienced international service provider they could rely on. QSAT Communications’ unparalleled experience in delivering ruggedized communications equipment and highly reliable services made us the ideal partner for this challenging environment, which includes extreme temperatures and desert conditions. As one of the few companies possessing the license to provide managed satellite communications in-country, QSAT Communications can meet our customer’s needs with the reliability and professionalism that has established us as a leader in the industry.”

With years of experience in system integration, QSAT Communications offers a comprehensive range of services, including engineering and design, procurement, testing, installation, and maintenance for all communication needs. Their expertise spans entertainment systems, security and monitoring services, navigation equipment, video streaming, internet of Things (IoT), and much more, making them a trusted partner for all communication and technology requirements.

FAQ - QSAT Awarded VSAT License in Iraq
QSAT being awarded the VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) license in Iraq is significant as it allows them to provide reliable communication solutions, particularly satellite connectivity, for international clients operating in the region.
The VSAT license is essential for service providers operating in Iraq as it ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for offering satellite communication services within the country.
Yes, QSAT Communications offers a wide range of telecommunications and technology services in addition to satellite connectivity, ensuring comprehensive communication solutions for their clients.

QSAT’s VSAT license allows them to handle various projects, including systems integration, providing managed network services, and ensuring continuous communication support for businesses in Iraq.