Connectivity & Satellite admin November 2, 2021

Connectivity & Satellite

Select the right Communications Infrastructure
QSAT makes it simple to ensure your business offers the correct communications infrastructure. Our unique experience of building today’s most reliable and secure public and private networks provides the foundation for a winning project delivery strategy every time.
QSAT has over a decade of VSAT experience in the Enterprise, Maritime, and Offshore sectors, serving a wide range of sites and vessels operating across our world’s oceans. Whether scaling a business upward or working in the most remote and rugged locations on the planet, you can be confident in the communication links that serve as a lifeline. We facilitate positive outcomes by providing various solutions through shared and dedicated services, including redundant backups when necessary.
Understanding Business Requirements
With a dependable technical team and highly trained engineers, Our unique position is to develop custom solutions tailored to your exact requirements, taking your goals, challenges, and vision for the future into account.
Implementation & Integration
We can handle all implementation and integration stages while focusing on testing, monitoring, and rollout to ensure your bespoke solution meets your exact needs.
Optimization & Maintenance
In optimizing your custom solution, we can continuously provide analytics on the data you collect, adjusting your resolution to ensure you remain in a solid position to take full advantage of our knowledge, technology, and solutions.
Delivering solutions for corporations and government entities.
We are highly experienced within Aviation, Maritime, Oil & Gas, and Telecommunications Industries.