Professional Services admin November 2, 2021

Professional Services

Essential Business Services
QSAT provides a team of professional engineering experts that works with our global support team to take on any challenge your business may experience. Our team’s experience and passion will help you tackle any obstacle you may face as an organization.
Service & Incident Management
QSAT provides the capabilities and expertise to offer on-site or remote assistance to address significant situations, helping you reduce the effects of an outage almost immediately. These services can increase your efficiency and productivity, improve client satisfaction, and provide added stability to your services.
SLA & Performance Management
We will help you achieve whatever key performance indicators you feel are essential to the success of your business. Our team then provides an SLA that creates a clear path toward your mission, vision, and strategic goals.
QSAT becomes a proactive partner that shares the risk of network availability and SLA compliance.
Logistics, Warehousing and Supply-Chain Solutions
QSAT offers logistic and warehousing solutions to complement a fully-integrated supply chain management approach so that your business can face no challenges during any implementation. Our UAE-based facilities give you safe, strategic access to the Middle East so that all of your needs in this area receive the attention they deserve.
Delivering solutions for corporations and government entities.
We are highly experienced within Aviation, Maritime, Oil & Gas, and Telecommunications Industries.